What engine dominates your track?

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What engine dominates your track?

55Guy 55Guy
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Posted: 07/17/06
05:27 AM

What engine dominates at your local track? Small block Chevy, Ford, or Mopar?  

warpedredneck warpedredneck
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Posted: 10/21/06
09:38 AM

crate i think its the 602?
350 ci iron vortech heads
alum intake  

bbr bbr
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Posted: 09/05/07
06:22 PM

Hello everyone
I don't understand why we have been stuck with the 2618 aluminum alloy for pistons when there are much better alloys that would be more robust for the higher outputs that we keep pushing engines today . We should have something that will be more resistant to the horsepower demands and cylinder pressures that are being generated today . I understand  that we can apply FEA to study weak points and distribute loads , but we still need a better material .
Any comments or ideas ?

EnduroRacer7A EnduroRacer7A
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Posted: 10/25/09
09:18 PM

Definatly the 350 Chevy  

c0zart7 c0zart7
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Posted: 11/02/09
07:56 PM

hey, i dont have too much money but i am tryin to figure out the best way to get into racing, like if i can get a test shot somewhere with someone who has a car or what?  

nastyned nastyned
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Posted: 11/04/09
06:45 PM

It depends on the night and track conditions. If the track is heavy thn the big block is the way togo. If the track is dry and slick than the 358 is better.  

df383 df383
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Posted: 02/05/10
10:57 AM

383 small block chevy stroker for a short track.

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will hold 450 pounds!!!!