Time for fuel injection?

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Time for fuel injection?

55Guy 55Guy
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Posted: 09/07/07
01:22 PM

Is it time for NASCAR to finally give in and allow fuel injection?  

accomotors accomotors
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Posted: 01/05/08
04:36 AM


And why would they need to anyway?  

rjstanly rjstanly
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Posted: 01/10/08
10:37 AM

Absolutly. it would be a natural technology progression that would improve power and fuel economy. It was rediculous that NASCAR took five years to go unleaded, an additive thats an obvious health hazard. Bring on the computer geeks and let them work their magic on the programable boxes. It would be a giant leap foward if the Crew chief could adjust the fuel injection by wireless internet during a race. Think about it!!!  

John.Hill John.Hill
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Posted: 02/15/08
10:36 PM

By all means, fuel injection is the natural progression for both power and the ability to align technology. The use of Carbs is somewhat arcane and way behind the curve. This is not to say that the various carb makers have the game figured out but it is time to move on. It would be a much better way to control the engines and make cheating more difficult not impossible but more difficult. The computers could be changed pre race and the programs could be controlled. Wink  

John.Hill John.Hill
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Posted: 02/18/08
03:23 PM

The time to start exploring the use of fuel injection is now. If the highest form of the sport, in stock car land that would be NASCAR the effect would trickle down to the entry level of the sport. We are seeing more and late model cars being turned into dirt racers and pavement racers at the entry level and the racers must remove a perfectly good fuel injection system and install a carb and the related accessories. Why not help the new racer avoid the additional cost. At this level it is not about HP it is about getting people started and getting new racers in the game. Let's make this as simple as possible.  

wbkoehn wbkoehn
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Posted: 02/24/08
05:12 PM

It is past time for fuel injection in NASCAR. Many changes have been made in NASCAR except in electronics technology which may be out of fear of regulation challenges. There has not been a carburator type vehicle manufactured in more then 15 years except in NASCAR.

With the car of tomorrow that would have been the perfect opportunity to include fuel injection completing the change to a car of the 21st century.

Wayne Koehn  

John.Hill John.Hill
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Posted: 02/28/08
07:32 PM

OK guys we have made the decision for NASCAR, it's time for fuel injection. Now we have to make the aftermarket guys join the fray. That will be difficult. The Carburetor has a very dedicated following. I would like to see some of the entry level classes at least allow fuel injection. I would like to see the elimination of the electric fuel pump in a racing application. There needs to be a way to stop fuel delivery in the case of an on track accident. I think that could be solved with a hgh volume mechanical pump and even some gravity switches that would stop fuel flow if the car got upsidedown.

John Hill