2bbl Intakes

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2bbl Intakes

jimistix jimistix
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Posted: 01/30/08
09:08 PM

Did chevy make a 2bbl cast iron single plane intake if so what year and make of car or even part numbers  

55Guy 55Guy
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Posted: 02/01/08
07:39 AM

That's a tough one. I'll do some digging and see if I can come up with anything.  

csracing93 csracing93
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Posted: 03/16/08
06:33 PM

It's stamped on manifold CANADA  

jamie10017 jamie10017
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Posted: 03/05/11
05:56 PM

The CANADA intake flows a little more than the others but it is not a single plane Intake. On the dyno I have seen a little improvement by cutting the center divider of the intake down to where it just touches the floor of the intake. But most tracks wont allow you to do that.  

forcetwo forcetwo
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Posted: 03/22/15
08:06 PM

Also looking for one of those sbc  cast iron  high rise two barrel  intake manifold for a race car or information if there is any gain with one of these manifold over a 313  with canada stamped on it  

Just Try It1 Just Try It1
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Posted: 04/22/15
12:25 AM

hmm... hard to find huh..

MANIFOLD,INTAKE INLET*W/FED EMISS SYS (NA5)*REPL 14088674. GUARD, Engine Fuel Intake Manifold. For: P6, 350 (1984-1990) (1983 - 1990). Required: 1

P60s are like snap on vans..

MANIFOLD,INTAKE,INLET MANIFOLD*W/EXH EMISSIONS CONTROL (NB4) W/TSG*W/FEDERAL EMISSION SYSTEM (NA5) W/H5D*REPL 14067308. GUARD-MANIFOLD-PLUG-SHIELD, Engine Fuel Intake Manifold. For: C5,6 350 (1984-1987) (1983 - 1987). Required: 01

these C5 and C6 are actually C50 and C60 medium duty trucks.

MANIFOLD,INTAKE,INLET MANIFOLD*W/FED EMIS (NA5)*REPL 14067308. GUARD-MANIFOLD-PLUG-SHIELD, Engine Fuel Intake Manifold. For: C5,6 350 (1988-1990) (1988 - 1990). Required: 01

MANIFOLD,W/FED EMIS (NA5)*REPL 14088674. MANIFOLD-PLUG-SHIELD, Engine Fuel Intake Manifold. For: B6 350(LF5) (1988-1990) (1988 - 1990). Required: 01

the B6 is a school bus chassis. that just has the front clip..

so at least now you know where to look in the junk yards.

best of luck..  and don't forget to visit every engine rebuilder in your area..  they buy core engines and throw the intakes out usually.. i was at an engine builder a few months ago.. there was a guy in a scrap truck just hauling off the excess cast iron .. there were destroyed blocks.. junk heads.. tons of intake manifolds.. exhaust manifolds..   i managed to snag some early mustang 4 barrel intakes for a friend..  but that was all i got..  i never thought about grabbing any of the GM intakes that were in that pile of 50 or so that were going on the scrap truck.  

now.. if we don't get our packaged delivered as somebody has stolen the intake manifolds off the delivery vans.. and the snap on truck does not arrive because the intake is gone..  i am going to send the wife to you as with all the stuff i have her running around when the intakes go missing off the school buses.. you are going to get it from her. ;-)  

who would think.