valve lash on hydraulic flat-tappet cam

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valve lash on hydraulic flat-tappet cam

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Posted: 02/04/08
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what is this post about?

Formula Drift  

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You can zero only lash the hydraulic lifter cam shaft, IF YOU HAVE ADJUSTABLE ROCKER ARMS..............

Disarm your ignition system!

Remove the valve cover.

Working with one cylinder at a time.

Get that cylinder @ TDC or on it's compression stroke.

Back-off one rocker arm at a time just until the rocker arm is loose.

Now taking that pushrod between your finger tips rotate it as you begin to tighten that rocker arm. Just as the pushrod has drag to feel,tighten that rocker arm 1/4 turn that's it. YOUR DONE GO TO THE NEXT VALVE. Don't worry if that rocker arm has a little wiggle in it when your done. Grin  Cool