Question on checking Cubic Inch of engine

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Question on checking Cubic Inch of engine

076raceteam 076raceteam
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Posted: 05/25/08
08:51 AM

Confused I was told the process of checking the CI of an engine at the track is called PNG'ing but when i went online to fine out information on it could not find anything relating to it. Could anyone point me in the right direction with some info on it, or tell me a little on how its done  Confused

Thnaks for anyone that can help  

Freakinbill Freakinbill
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Posted: 10/26/08
04:27 PM

To find the CI you need to do this.
Bore x PI (3.142857) x Stroke x Number of Cylinders

Example: Bore 3.5"
        x PI
           = 10.9999995
    x Stroke 3.97"
           = 43.669
    x Number of Cylinders
           = 349.35 CI
This is the basic rule for displacement.
However it does not account piston shape
IE: HEMI VS Blower type,
or any other combustion chamber variables.  

mikelenoard mikelenoard
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Posted: 01/14/12
04:21 AM

thank's for the post and i will try it good job guys.

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pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 01/27/12
01:23 AM

It's always been called the whistler but things change..LOL...