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diesel engines

tedtapet tedtapet
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Posted: 08/30/08
12:44 PM

Can anyone tell me what country builds the best diesel engine for auto use at this time, as i understand  it, foreign countries are ahead of the USA in there design.  Thanks Jim  

otcmarketalerts otcmarketalerts
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Posted: 10/15/11
04:24 AM

you can easily from any counry...............  

angelawright328 angelawright328
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Posted: 11/20/11
06:18 PM

I don't have any idea on this,, but i will try to find out!  

xtremepicks xtremepicks
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Posted: 01/30/12
02:33 AM

Thanks for sharing............  

pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 02/25/12
10:08 PM

Germany, Rudolph Diesel invented it I don't know the year, but we have some good ones built here now. My son has 4 over the road trucks and he swears by Caterpilliar. He said he keeps up on the maintainence and has 2 million miles on some engines. Hope that helps.

He said its true about Alaska if you go there with a Diesel in the winter you never shut them off. He hauls mobile Cat Scanners to hospitals all over the lower 48.