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Control Arm Settings

tandral tandral
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Posted: 09/14/08
02:22 PM

Does anyone know of a good website to find out how to set up your control arms to run better. This is for a 1/3 mile short track.



tandral tandral
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 09/08
Posted: 09/15/08
06:14 AM

Sorry should have read, to set up a control arm to corner better. I know they can have the angles changed slightly but not sure which way to move it to make it turn better ect...


carnut1420 carnut1420
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Posted: 12/27/09
08:43 AM

please tell me how to set up my control arms....i know they can have the angles changed slightly but not sure which way to move it to make it turn better ect...

<a href="">dupontregistry</a>  

Racer72 Racer72
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Posted: 01/12/10
06:57 PM

A good place to start would be to down load or buy a suspension simulation program, they are relatively cheap. You can plug in your chassis pickup points and ball joint heights, it will show you all of the information as the suspension/chassis moves around. No one setting is perfect. It is a continuous compromise between what the driver likes and what the car is doing.

I will say the best thing to do is keep extremely good notes and take GOOD REPEATABLE measurements. When you get something that works well, you can base line off of that each week. The more detailed and precise you are the better the results will be.

I bring in the car each week (Fully fabricated Late Model) and have very specific points that I measure from. I have also developed some tooling to help with the process. Everything gets measured by me when it comes back from the track, and before it is loaded to go back to the track. Since things change from week to week (i.e. ambient temperature, humidity, density altitude, track temperature, the list of variables goes on forever)...If these items were exactly the same from week to week, the car would be exactly the same week to week. However since they vary slightly, so do lap times, by a few percent.  

julieloiuse julieloiuse
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Posted: 10/19/11
06:34 PM

My buddy just Completed the removal and reinstallation of the control arms, bushings, and sway bar components I just forgot about where did he learned it! I'm think in the Pelican parts...

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rlbrown1 rlbrown1
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Posted: 06/20/13
09:49 AM

I hope this is what ur looking for works good for my boys .caster Lf 1 deg+ rf 3 deg +. camber Lf1.75deg + Rf -3.5 deg , toe out 1/8 inch  .dont forget scale car . try to get close to 58%left side weight50.5% rear, lr to rt front 56.5%.go get.em  

BVMurphy BVMurphy
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Posted: 11/06/13
04:58 PM

What do you run where 1 degree of LF, and 3 1/2 degrees of RF camber are enough?

Frank, a lot of what your looking for depends on what a lot more than what size the track is like what springs you run, how much you travel and what kind of car it is. Answer some of these questions and more help may come.