Chassis Setup Tips and Tricks

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Chassis Setup Tips and Tricks

GaleForce GaleForce
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Posted: 09/24/08
02:40 PM

Hello All,

 I just wanted to introduce a product that will save you a ton of time and headaches setting up your coilover cars. Its called a CoilOver Load Pro. Created by 13 time Chsmpion Bubba Gale And his son Nationwide Series driver for Kevin Harvick Inc. Cale Gale.

The way the machine works is simple but very effective. You take and setup your car back at the shop. Get your numbers and ride height rite. Then you get your eye to eye or center to center measurement. Then put each coilover on the machine. Run the machine up to your eye to eye and it will give you a load number write the load numbers down for each corner. From this point on you can do any shock combination in a matter of minutes no scales or constant adjusting. Just oad in any combo run it up to your eye to eye then use the machine to load your load numbers and BAM instant setup. just bolt em on the car and your setup is still perfect. Cross,Left Side, ride height everythingClick Here For More Info !

Thanks and check back often for more setup techniques