Wanting to Get Into Enduro Racing

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Wanting to Get Into Enduro Racing

crazy4wdracer crazy4wdracer
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Posted: 11/21/08
03:01 PM

I am looking for a winter project and I think a cool one would be building an enduro car.  I have lots of questions first though.  
What is the best car to get?  
What do I need to do to it to make it legal?
Do I need a roll cage?
Best tires to use?
Any other tricks?
How much would it cost to build a race ready car, Nothing really fancy?

I heard some good cars are the Ford Escort, Dodge Shadow, and the Honda CRX, Others?

I know that I have to take the headlights and taillights off, take all the glass out except for the windshield.  

raysteve raysteve
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Posted: 09/01/10
07:07 PM

the cars on your list are all good cars. but still my favorite would be the Honda CRX. crx parts are really good, especially the external parts.  

blownb310 blownb310
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Posted: 10/02/10
07:41 AM

How about a follow up? What car did you end up getting and how did it go?

I got a free '93 Toyota Paseo in '07 and have been enjoying enduro racing for three years now. Both dirt and asphalt.