handling and horsepower

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handling and horsepower

strobs84 strobs84
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Posted: 07/31/09
02:02 PM

i race a quarter mile high banked oval. My car doesnt handle the greatest. and its quick but some cars are still faster. i have a 1997 honda accord lx its v tech. i adjusted the toe and it handled a little bettter. but not the greatest. also if anybody knows some ways to get more horsepower please let me know  

carnut1420 carnut1420
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Posted: 12/27/09
08:54 PM

sorry i am ignorant about the subject.

u may go dupontregistry  

Racer72 Racer72
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Posted: 01/12/10
07:41 PM

One of the secrets to success with stock vehicles in racing is the front end geometry. Toe and ackerman are critical components. I assume you are running street tires as well. I would think a little positive camber in the LF tire would help make that tire work more. Same as we do  on Late Models and Modifieds.

Horsepower there are a number of things that you can do. Depends on the rules. Do you need your alternator? There is about 12-18 HP used up right there. Remove the Alternator. Charge the battery between events (i.e. each practice run, heat races, qualifying, etc), run a second battery if you run longer events, be sure to keep both charged. Be sure to run a new battery/batteries each season. Use the extra battery wisely, put it where it will do the most good.

Slow down the water pump, or look into a high efficiency water pump, if it is not required to be stock. The water pump is a power robber, you could probably find a few HP just slowing it down. Or if rules allow, use an electric one, run it on a thermostat.

There are things to do inside the engine, but I need to know what the rules are rules first. Plus it starts to get expensive, you would probably be better off changing series if you are going to go that far. Also I think you may be very impressed with the results from above.  

Racer72 Racer72
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Posted: 01/12/10
07:43 PM

If you are looking for reasonably priced new and used racing parts, I found a new website  www.gozbay.com  They have a lot of quality new and used parts.  

mikelenoard mikelenoard
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Posted: 01/14/12
04:19 AM

that's an super post and i liked it a lot the website you posted sounds good and very helpful thank you.

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