anyone know anything about dwarf cars?????????

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anyone know anything about dwarf cars?????????

grandad43 grandad43
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Posted: 09/14/09
09:33 AM

we are the owners of a dwarf race car a replica of a 34 ford sedan to 5/8 scale with a 1100 susika motorcycle motor
we run on packed clay tracks and run hoosier racing tires
where in the SC, NC, GA areas have tracks that does run dwarf  css

thanks in advance
lsrry beard

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Stangwrencher Stangwrencher
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Posted: 10/07/09
04:37 PM

Hey Isrry,
Good looking car. From the one pic I am assuming that what you have is an original DCC 'hurricaine' chassis. I am from Arizona and raced several years with the Cains (disputed originators of the dwarf car) as well as a great group of guys in NADCAR (Northern Az. Dwarf Car) who ran the same chassis as well as some great home built cars. I am not an expert by any means but have lots of years around the sport and know many 'professionals' involved. I'd be happy to help with any questions if I can!


grandad43 grandad43
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 11/01/09
12:38 PM

we have only been running for half the 09 season
my son who ownes and drives the car is a  semi ppro kart record holder and 8 times track champ sine he began racing in 02
he finally decided that he was fed up with the Kart scene and purchased the car from a friend who happened to be the Laurens track champ in 08
so far he has cracked up twice and got it back together to run again
out of about 18 starters each week he has finished (Bar wrecking ) no worse than fifth
problem?? the winning cars were running fuel injected powerhouses while our car is carb run Don was looking on the net for anFI engine and found an entire outfit Fuel injected for the same price that he was going to pay for an eengine the problem~~~ the car was in Ohio and we live in SC don bought the car anyway and met the guy at the Indy Speedway to make the exchange
its faster than the ford (Its a chevy) and we are happy with the buy but we havent put it on the track yet that will come nexx month when Modoc Speedway is hosting a Dwarf race and we WILL be ther with both cars
e mail me

grandad43 grandad43
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 11/08/09
09:01 AM

Don (my Son) found a FI dwarf car in ohio for the same price that he wanted to pay for an engine he and his team mate made a trip to the Indy Speedway (half way)to pick it up
we cant determine the builder but the Dwarf is built like a brick *** house solid heres a picture of the new car and yes the old car is a hurrican


Stangwrencher Stangwrencher
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 10/09
Posted: 11/11/09
03:52 PM

That looks very much like an older Pro Chassis car but it may be an H&H. The hood is not a 'factory' peice but otherwise another good looking ride. Peter D Motorsports in Phoenix, Az. is a supplier of the Pro cars and many 'must have' dwarf car parts.


carnut1420 carnut1420
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Posted: 12/26/09
02:51 AM

Very useful car.

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pugmarks123 pugmarks123
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Posted: 10/14/10
11:34 PM

I took my family to the race meet out there a few weekends ago thouroughly enjoyed by us all, some wild driving in willo’s class and the junior rollover looked terrifying, was that kid ok? and willo all my kids were cheering for you even tho it looked like your car was running roughly all day, was it actually on fire in the last race when you pulled onto the infield? we had a really enjoyable day and will be back this time to watch the demo derby last race of the season? wen does next season start?  
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