Electronic Traction Control

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Electronic Traction Control

IceMan_PJN IceMan_PJN
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Posted: 01/23/10
11:27 PM

I don't know where else to put this, so this seems the best place.  I ran across an article on StockCarRacing.com and at the bottom it invited me to "discuss in our forums", so that's what I'm doing.

I'm an intellectual sort and I loathe the spread of inaccurate information, so I had to speak up on an error.  In the article, dated for February of 2009, it said of traction control that "They might take a page from Formula 1 or CART's rule book and legalize ETC, those sanctioning bodies recognized the futility of trying to police it versus the formidable technical resources of their racing teams. Then, they could apply their resources to bigger problems."  This is inaccurate, at least in the case of Formula One.

F1 outlawed traction control back in the 1990s, but legalized it again in 2001 because of the difficulty of policing it.  However, as of 2008, traction control has been outlawed in F1 once again.  They were increasingly able to police traction control thanks to standardizing ECUs and so the ban was reinstated back in 2008, the year before the 2009 article in question incorrectly reported it to still be tolerated.


article in question:

Racer72 Racer72
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Posted: 01/24/10
05:53 PM

I have often thought that the various tracks in an area that work with each other should sit down and discuss a simple policy....The MSD Box. All they would need to do is have a standard MSD Box, each week they hand out an MSD box to each car that shows up. They already do it with track transponders. We get one every week and return it every week.

With this policy, the teams would randomly get a MSD Box each week, and return it each week. If one isn't working properly return it and get another one. Then if a car is in question, the officials simply tell them they must swap out their box.

I know Traction Control can be added into the system in different places and ways. But it all ties into the ignition system somewhere. The wiring harnesses in a race car are not that complicated, any wires, plugs or breaks in the insulation that are unaccounted for should be assumed to be for traction control. Unless the driver or crew chief can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the officials that it is for a specific purpose. Run the entire wiring harness in plain view of all of the spectators, officials and drivers/crews. It makes tracing them much easier. Also makes hooking something up or disconnecting something much more difficult to hide. I do not see why policing the use of traction control is so difficult.  

pennystocks pennystocks
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Posted: 02/12/10
10:47 PM

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MarronDany MarronDany
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Posted: 05/11/10
02:19 AM

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