cup cars right side wall rub damage idea..

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cup cars right side wall rub damage idea..

waynep7122 waynep7122
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Posted: 04/03/10
10:36 AM

when the cars get up and touch the wall.. the right side flattens out and the front and rear suspension can be knocked out of alignment..    why not add a hoop below the A and C pillars inside the sheet metal  to protect the suspension when the driver get up against and rubs the wall..  so the sheet metal is not flattened against the cage.. leaving the tires to absorb the impact ..

a smaller one in front of the front tire would also help..

this hoop would be designed to absorb and collapse large impacts but deflect the light impacts where the driver just gets too close and rubs..

i was wondering if anybody had ever ask detroit speed who seem to have the ability to hydro form camaro sub frames .. if they could hydro form sections of roll cage tubing to put accordion type of design in it.. so it will collapse under impact..  these could be welded into the cage so absorb more collision G forces.. it could also limit main cage damage in front end collisions..  much easier to just cut off the front and weld on a new one..

think of a flex straw...    the locations these are used in could be designed in with forethought..  

OEM car manufacturers have been designing in these accordion type of shapes into car frames since the late 70's   contain the crush to one area..     newer cars have weaker crush zones , then secondary crush zones when the first zone has reached it's maximum crush..

so perhaps.. using different wall thickness of tubing for different areas... thinner closer to the front for smaller impacts.. thicker for closer to the cage for secondary and larger impacts..     perhaps a stepped down guide tube  that is prewelded only on one end inside the crush zone.. to prevent offset during collision..  

forward thinking saves lives and can make money winning races..