Vintage NASCAR "Squirrel cage fan" where to get?

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Vintage NASCAR "Squirrel cage fan" where to get?

orionbbs orionbbs
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Posted: 05/16/10
08:19 PM


I'm in the process of restoring a vintage NASCAR from 1973 (a Merc Cougar, and need to find a source for an old-style 12v "squirrel cage fan" for the tranny/rear end cooler. You can see an example of this on this Buddy Baker Superbird (look in the 18th photo the fan box behind the drivers seat)

Any idea where I could get one of these? I've found a few online but they are for gardening applications and almost all are 115v.



angelawright328 angelawright328
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Posted: 11/22/11
05:41 PM

Are you done with that vintage car? can you let me view on it,, i hope you will post a picture on it here.

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