carb problems ? ignition?

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carb problems ? ignition?

jnance jnance
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Posted: 06/13/10
03:11 AM

i run a purestock camaro with a 060 over 350,flat tops,a set of 041x GM heads, around 12to1 compression, my carb was new from quick fuel 3 yrs ago, sittn in park slowly rev eng up around 2000rpm it starts a fluttering like its loading up, but its actually not, then a little more rpm it gets somewhat better but never clears up even around 7000rpm.  its a holley 1850-4 it came with 72 jets in frnt with a 45 power valve, 30cc pump, 33 squirter, i actually think this carb is a little bigger then the part numbers are advertising,   Shocked ive been completely through this carb 3 times, find nothing, ive fooled with holleys for 20 yrs and i know a little bit about them, but this time im feeling a bit un educated , lol any help appreciated, thanks jnance, kentucky  now has 74 jetting  

big-g big-g
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Posted: 12/04/11
05:25 PM

Does your throttle plates have idle holes drilled in them? I have had several carbs with that problem, with high compression the engine will pull the throttle plates open and idle it self up no matter how much return spring you have.  

pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 12/05/11
07:37 PM

I just have  a couple questions
Being pure-stock do you have to run a vacuun advance on your disributor?
Has anyone changed any wiring to the coil?
Check where your idle vacuum is? For example if you have 20" use a #10 power valve. 10"of vacuum use a #5 power valve and so on.

You may want to pull the valve covers and look for a broken valve spring!

If you are running a vacuun advance distributor disconnect the vacuum, Set your base timimg at 10 to 12 degrees. Hook it back up and set the total timing at 36 to 40 degrees and have it all in at 2500 RPM.

If you do not have a vacuum advance distributor. Set your base tining at 15 degrees BTDC. Watch with your timing light that your centrifical and mechanical advance's are working properly. You should have you total advance in at 2,500 RPM

Make sure your distributor wire is connected to the "B" or neg. side of the coil!
Give those a shot and see if it changes the flutter.

If your problem is as big-g suggests see if you can adjust the secondary plates off the seat with the little set screw on the passengers side to the rear of the carb.

If yours is so equipted.....
Please let me know whats going on......... Grin  Confused