Agent Looking For Young Talented Drivers For Nascar

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Agent Looking For Young Talented Drivers For Nascar

timreichert timreichert
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/17/14
09:31 PM

Good evening, my name is Tim Reichert, and my son Jason Reichert, already has a ride in the  2015 Pacific Formula F1600 Series, which is an open wheel series, one step below The Road To Indy. He has a ride already, but we are looking  help with sponsorships.

My son has many assets for sponsors that most drivers do not. He is a guest host on the On Pit Road Radio Show three nights a week, where his sponsors are acknowledged in a "Sponsor Shout Out".That show is heard in 46 states and 31 countries. The Formula F1600 Series is a 12-race, televised series. Sponsors are acknowledged via social media, logos on the car, logos on his go kart which he will continue to race for "seat time", and much more. I oversee the Las Vegas Karting Championships at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Jason's sponsors are acknowledged at the Speedway in the form of banners, a sponsor has a race named after them, for example, a race could be named Bank of America Race Weekend.

I am working with a handful of potential sponsors now, but wanted to contact you when I saw your post.

We are in California now testing, but I will send a Sponsorship Package to you, if you would like, when I get back home. In the mean time, you can see more of my son on facebook, where he keeps friends, family and fans informed about his racing. You can find him on facebook at Jason Reichert.

Thank you in advance,

Tim Reichert

susan.majeski2 susan.majeski2
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Posted: 09/17/14
03:01 PM

I see this is post is dated 2010.  Is this still a valid opportunity?  

abdulmajid414 abdulmajid414
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Posted: 10/27/15
12:48 AM

am majid mohamed am a talented driver with a driving license of two years experience and i wish to continue with the talent i have. please contact me using this email  

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