RICHARD PETTY chassis for sale on ebay noreserve

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RICHARD PETTY chassis for sale on ebay noreserve

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Posted: 12/31/10
11:46 AM

167911 479085709753 714089753 5503311 1142438 NI know I'm new on here, but thought you guys would be interested in this chassis up for sale on EBAYat no-reserve.  It is a prototype for the Car of Tomorrow and would make an amazing chassis for vintage stock car racing.  This car was given to Jesse James by Richard Petty Sr.  Jesse in turn donated it to raise funds for the ministry of Racers For Christ.  Here is some information on the chassis:

"In the early 90's, General Motors and Petty Enterprises wanted to develop a new car to take advantage of the new rules that allowed full out-and-out racecar frames and to maximize the benefits of the new radial tires. After spending a little over a million dollars, GM ran out of money and stopped the program. Richard was very upset and spent lots of his own money to try to keep the program alive, but it was too costly and his race team was struggling to keep in the field. The car showed lots of promise, and Richard tried to get the program back online several times. We worked with NASCAR when they designed the Car of Tomorrow, and many times that car was brought out of storage for reference. Two chassis were built. The chief designer (I believe) was a man named Leo Rathgab, who is still around and still very sharp. The car incorporated things never before used in a racecar. If you look under the car, the ends of the frame rails are boxed into the front clip. The bracing and shock towers in the front were the strongest put in a car to date. Under the back, the car can accept truck arms or a three link suspension. The torsional rigidity of the car (with a body on it) is well over 100,000 ft-lbs per degree (where the modern NASCAR chassis has a sweet spot around 14,500 ft-lbs per degree). The car also has direct acting swaybars that go directly to the spindle (still not seen on any modern day cars). Neither of the two cars ran a race, but were used as test beds. Richard has the other one in his small, personal collection. To my knowledge, he is the only person who ever drove that car. I can get verification on that. A man named Ritchie Barsz did most of the construction and a lot of the testing on those two cars. He has the setup files on the car, original pictures during construction, and all of the notes (he doesn't throw anything out, ever). He is also the only person that can look at a Petty car and tell you if it is real or a reproduction, as he worked for the Pettys for over 40 years. It does not have race history, but it does have significant NASCAR and Richard Petty history. That can all be documented through Ritchie Barsz."

Car Chassis is for pickup only in Long Beach CA

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