Firewall fittings

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Firewall fittings

RallyTruck RallyTruck
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Posted: 11/22/10
04:58 PM

Does anyone know what Cup cars use for firewall fittings/couplers? I'm pretty sure they don't just use rubber grommets and pass their wires/cables through. I would like to use something that has some kind of fire protection. I have crashed way too many times with oil/water/whatever ending up on my suit!

Thanks in advance!


chrisnnebraska chrisnnebraska
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Posted: 12/06/10
01:34 PM

Many use the same type of bulkhead connectors that you would find on aircraft. Bulkhead connectors are made to prevent fliud from passing thru them when you use the correct size. These will work much better the any rubber grommet to prevent leaks. If you have problems finding a fitting that will fit tight to your wire sizes, you can add a small amount of silicone to each end of the connector to achieve a leak-proof seal. Bulkhead connectors are basically a short pipe that use a nut to secure them in your firewalls hole. Most have a teflon lining to prevent leaking and damage to the wire or tubing that passes though them.  
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Swish7 Swish7
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Posted: 02/10/11
11:13 AM

Thanks for asking the same question I had, RallyTruck, and thanks for the answer chris! I really appreciate the information, nice to get your question answered before you even have to ask it!