Financing for parts

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Financing for parts

junction junction
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Posted: 01/03/12
10:27 AM


Question: How many drivers would use financing to complete their cars in order to get a leap on sponsorship?

We are thinking about offering financing for drivers to use to get parts for their cars. We are thinking somewhere in the range of $3-$10k. This could be used for parts to get you into the race or additional parts that drivers could use for backup. We have just started getting into the sponsorship side of things but also want to offer the financing to help move the sport forward.


flip7770 flip7770
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Posted: 11/17/13
07:56 AM

I think that would be awesome. I wished it was available for us this year. We have 2 modifieds but only was able to race 1 this year. We have 6 kids and a business that was slow. I own Flip's Family Shop in Akron Indiana. We do servicing, woodworking, and fabricating. We are a home based business. Business was terrible this year. We were only able to make 22,000.00 this year. If you ever need any chassis, choppers, or hot rods built let us know. 574-893-1681
I have a modified and I am a promoter for R2C ( Racing 2 cure) a non- profit organization helping families fight cancer. They have a program for racer to get funds and help there race team as well. I had a rough year this year due to finances. I was only able to run 5 races due to funds. We have 6 kids and its rough when your business is slow.