Any real stock car racing on TV?

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Any real stock car racing on TV?

Halfevl333 Halfevl333
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Posted: 03/11/12
12:06 PM

I am curious, NASCAR is all over the TV, but I do not see any real stock car racing events being broadcast.  I used to watch NASCAR back when they ran actual stock cars that you could go down to the show room and buy.  When they switched to running special race cars that have nothing to do with stock, I quit watching.  If I want to watch specially built race cars race I will watch the Indy 500.

I would love to watch some real stock car racing on TV but other than Drag racing on a rare occurrence, I have not found any other races being shown?  

pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 03/11/12
09:59 PM

Halfevl333 welcome:
Back in the day when NASCAR was just a word and auto racing was something that was seen only at local tracks and Carnivals. I use to watch 90 minutes of Wide world of Sports to see 15 minutes of stock car racing. The days of the Alison's Cale Yarbourgh, Junior Johnson,Fire Ball Roberts,Fred Lorenzin,just to name a few. It's when the cars were cars that we saw on the roads every day.

Those days have dissapeared and are gone forever. I grew up Drag Racing as my dad did his racing at the fairs in his old jalopy as they were refered to back then. Yeah that had an old beer keg mounted on the back. They rolled over quite a bit. Went thru the fence more often then you can count. Probably ended up in traffic. So the driver and whoever would get out and push it back on its wheels and they would start over again. My dad also had motorcycles and he hill raced or mountain climbed. I remember the suicide shift Indian he had. I was small enough he would hold me in front of him and away we went. Try to do that today, you wouldn't get 10' without someone calling the authorities.

I remember when the new model cars came out usually in September. GM,FOMOCO,MOPAR, would actually cover the cars and some would hide them in storage buildings, noone was to see any new car until Sept. they all did it. Then when the grand openings came the dealers would have an opening ceramony and they had food and drink. Today 2012 they are advertising 2014 automobiles.

Getting back to NASCAR and stock car racing even Drag Racing. The companies were building cars to fit into certain classes and so many cars were made so the cars would be legal for those classes. You could reconize a 62 Chevy from a 62 Ford and a 62 Dodge,........It was something to see these cars go around Daytona at 180 MPH side by side with all the body and fender trim as it would be on the street. The Drivers with No fire protection,and helmets that if dropped would probably break into a thousands pieces,a seat belt.

As our family was getting older our three kids then loved the racing my daughter should have stayed with her Drag Racing, my two Boy liked the motorcycles. We would go to the Daytona 500 every year for a winter vacation. We did this for 15 years with our kids and my wife and I continued for a few years afterwards. We all lost interest in NASCAR, as NASCAR has lost its focus on the people that support it week after week. We like you don't watch much of it anymore. I watch the Daytona 500 and the Talledaga superspeed ways.

That is it. There is no more racing. The drivers of today would never drive a car of the 1960's. If Fact Dale Jr. drove his fathers old #2 back maybe 10 years ago or so and he couldn't believe how they handled. The cup cars of today (I know as I have driven them) handle at 200MPH like your personal car handles at 70MPH on the Interstate. I think they have taken that aspect away from the Die Hard NASCAR followers that will never come back again. It's Called Technology. Like it or not thats what has killed NASCAR. They can still build a car of yesteryear and have it as safe as any car on the NASCAR circut today. Technology has really made safer cars,but most comes at a cost. I remember Dale SR. telling the media (I have it on tape)that the last lap of any race he unhooks his seat belt.Because he wants to run from the Media people sticking a microphone in his face when he can't even catch his breath. What happened at Daytona 10 years ago Dale Sr. hit the wall no harder then anyone has hit that wall before and after.

I remember the drivers that when Goodyear and Firestone were developing the inner liner. One driver Darell Daranger would bring a car up to speed at Daytona and purposly run over a board loaded with nails to blow out the tire. There were other drivers but thats how they did it back then... That's my 2 Cents.......

pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 04/22/12
08:56 PM

I tried to watch what they call Sprint Cup racing and I never have seen stock car racing sooooo Boring, The attendence is way down and it will get worse...

rallysportt rallysportt
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Posted: 06/11/12
02:15 AM

So many time i have watched it on TV but really thrill is at ford rally car really had fun.  

70WingedOne 70WingedOne
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Posted: 07/16/12
01:30 PM

After many years unable to follow NASCAR regularly, I’ve watched a number of Sprint races this year and have been constantly disappointed.  As a great Grand National and Winston Cup fan from the late ‘70s through the early 2000’s, NASCAR has terribly bungled the exciting elements that all fans were drawn to for all those years:  Great side by side and lap to lap lead changes.
I understand the emphasis on safety, but all the changes have resulted in the removal of the hard charging runs into the corner and not knowing who will come out first, and the back straight slingshots, and replacing them with single file, lap after lap lineups.  With this "racing" NASCAR will lose more and more fans.
The greatest tracks of all, Talledega and Daytona, have become 2 or 3 lines of race cars with no one able to go underneath or up high to get by.  The horrible yellow lines keep fans from the exciting almost constant lap to lap lead changes and almost every lap slingshots down the back stretch.  Who doesn’t miss the hard chargers making a run going into the backstretch, dropping low and moving right on by.  With the yellow lines, no one can pass on the backstretch because the leaders hug the line.  It’s pathetic that many “lead changes” come now in the pits, and an occasional mistake when someone gets out of line.  Why would we give in to the age old argument by non fans, “they just go around in circles, how boring!!”
When NASCAR looks at changes, shouldn’t they wise up and bring back racing for the fans?  Passing is what makes racing great, brought about by great skill, daring and experienced strategy.
For the big tracks, please NASCAR bring back exciting racing with a few things:
1. Get rid of the lines and let the aggressive drivers setup and pass!  
2. It wouldn’t hurt to give the cars a bit more draft too.  They’re so narrow and slick that they don’t punch much hole in the air anymore.  So drafting doesn’t give much slingshot, especially with breathless restrictor plates. a bit.  
3. Consider the “ride it out” points system too.  Why bother to go for it, when I might only lose a few points staying put.  Do you think Earnhardt, Yarborough, or Davey Allison would have done that!
Let’s not just remember the good days of great passing, exciting races, but bring them back now and let the new guys become legends too.  

cindy66 cindy66
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Posted: 08/02/12
07:17 PM

this might be a stupid question.

i bought a 2001 crown victora that calls to use 5w 20 motor oil in this 4.6 engine.
seeing that i reside in dallas where temps are high... would 5w 30 be ok to use
without hurting my engine.

fulloken fulloken
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Posted: 02/01/13
11:02 AM

When I cant find any thing on TV I play stock car racing games online. Try this one its awesome American Racing Cool