Engines and Transmissions

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Engines and Transmissions

Allan27 Allan27
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Posted: 11/11/12
05:38 PM

I would assume that in this industry you go through an astronomical amount of engines and transmissions. I happen to represent a Florida based company that specializes in finding and delivering every make and model of engines and transmissions world wide. Just respond to this topic and I will give you the link to their website. For serious inquisitions I have an 800 number. I was a customer before I became a representative. I was in Alaska and needed a transmision for a 1997 Ford F150 4X4 Automatic. After a couple seasons of frustration trying to find one I vented on my FaceBook profile about it, and a friend of mine responded hey I found that tranny for you and we both worked together to get the shipping company's in sinq and 7 days later I had my transmission in the shop. My dad was absolutely astounded at the efficiency of this company. I further negotiated with them to represent them and bring their service to the Market.

Allan Anderson
Avon, Colorado

P.S. Drop me your email and I will set up corespondence immediately  
Allan Anderson

flip7770 flip7770
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Posted: 11/17/13
08:01 AM

Hello My name is Phillip Owens and I own Flip's Family Shop just outside of Akron Indiana.574-893-1681
We offer woodworking, fabricating, servicing, upohlstry, and serving of all sorts. We even do customizing. We also rebuild motors, transmissions, axles, gear boxes, and many more.