Rain tIre for Gen6 cup cars?

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Rain tIre for Gen6 cup cars?

RevFordSpeed RevFordSpeed
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Posted: 02/25/13
06:55 AM

First as a newbie I would like to say this is a fine forum, so good that I cant think of anything to improve it, wait! I do have one thing that would make it better. Our forum would be perfect if it was an all ford site ! Ha ha lol!

Ok now for the threads talking points. I have a million of em’! Seriously why doesn’t NASCAR allow 'stock cars' ie cup cars etc to use rain tires in inclement weather? I haven’t watched an open wheel race in years, so this may nt still be true, however in the past 230 mph Formula etc cars used to don rain skins in bad weather and the race went on!

SoI thinik it would be a good idea for NASCAR to do the same. Maybe NASCAR officials or the crew chief would make the call of when and what type tires to use. If cup cars could run in a moderate rain the advantage of not having to stop the race etc would pay all kinds of dividends, one being exciting racing! We all know after the 2013 Daytona race just ran that the beautiful (in appearance) 'new' Gen 6 cars will increase race attendence but I feel the series will need even more tweaks.  We could begin with rain tires and something else I feel will help to generate safer faster and more exciting side by side racing. That something else is wider more stickey tires. If NASCAR decrees er' approves such a measure I think that would be a cheap, easy to check, item while increasing saftey and would compensate for the stock appearing carts lack of down force etc. Feel free to comment on either issue, that is rain tires for NASCAR Stock Cars as well as allowing a slightly wider tire to make side by side racing possible. Lastly I would personally li9ke NASCAR officials to consider allowing my fav brand the dog slow fords and only fords to run a supercharger with 18 pounds boost at the long tracks and 12 pounds at short tracks.