need more rear brake drum brakes

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need more rear brake drum brakes

McKownMotorsports42 McKownMotorsports42
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Posted: 02/09/13
01:28 AM

ok, i race street stocks, have a metric chassis, my track gave us the option to run the tall spindles and big brakes on the front so i did, only problem i have now is i cant get enough rear brake in the car, i run no stock proportioning valve, and have a bias adjuster, but its maxed out, any tips for geting more rear brake, does anyone know of any racing drum brake shoes, thank you so much for any help  

pepsi1 pepsi1
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Posted: 02/14/13
11:10 PM

Other than bigger drums and shoes. Try installing a bigger wheel cylinder, you'll then need to get more brake fluid back there, so you will need a bigger resivoir...