Stock Car racer first time, Got a question

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Stock Car racer first time, Got a question

kevilay kevilay
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Posted: 04/06/13
07:11 PM

Hey guys, Im building a 95 cavalier z24 into a bone stock car for my first racecar ever. Should be alot of fun. I have a question maybe someone can help me with. I know cars always shut off when they get into a car accident. What causes them to shut off and how do I disable this so if im bumped my car wont shut off?


redneckjoe69 redneckjoe69
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Posted: 07/11/13
06:00 AM

sounds like your talking about the fuel pump shut off/reset switch?     it could be by your kick panel or in the trunk?    im not familiar with where it is on that particular vehicle.    but ive cut faulty switches out and soldered the wires together.    
   if the car has airbags, you might wanna get rid of those too, lol.  

ConleyRacing25 ConleyRacing25
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Posted: 11/29/13
11:06 PM

I just picked up a mid to late 80s Geo race ready for Grundy County Speedway in Morris,IL. ive been at the track since i was born (18 yrs). None of the cars in the "PureStock" (4 cyl) division have ever shut off due to being in an accident. you need to look into the rulebook(s) of the track(s) you will be racing at and see what specs are required. At my track a starter switch is required for ALL divisions that is wired to the master cylinder and can be shut off at any time to kill the motor and fuel supply. I highly recommend this master/ignition switch even if its not required. but DO NOT wired it yourself, I had my dad wire my switch on my "Street Stock" and he caught the entire car on fire