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Dwayne Powell Dwayne Powell
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Posted: 01/13/14
08:48 PM

what shocks do i need for a dirt track  has leaf springs i dont know if i need 50/50 or somthing luike 10/90 ..... it is a s10 thanks  

wayne712222 wayne712222
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Posted: 01/28/14
10:24 PM

there are 2 magazines here.. stock car racing and circle track... both have articles in their archives of shock absorber info...

but the percentage of damping kinda depends on the track and a bunch of other things..

the idea of the rears.. you want the rear end to have as fast a drop away from the body as possible.. so when you go over a bump.. the rear end does not wait for the body to come down.. it just drops to maintain max traction with the track surface..

if you look at last years american lemans racing look carefully at the back of the corvette C6Rs as they go around corners or over bumps.. the back of the car goes up and the rear axle drops in almost a freefall...

the bounce the body makes looked painful to me for the driver...  but they could pull away with more throttle than the other brand cars could without spinning the rear tires..

maximum contact with the track surface for the rear wheels..

so.. perhaps a set of 90/10's.. perhaps adjustables.. some have a compression and extension adjustment available.

oh.. be sure to only tighten the forward spring eye bolts when the truck is at ride height..

if you tighten them with the axle hanging.. the bushings will be in a twist and slow down your rear end motion.. it will also let your spring eye bushings longer..