I Need Some Advice and Honest Opinions

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I Need Some Advice and Honest Opinions

jsm27394 jsm27394
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Posted: 12/03/14
09:38 PM

Hey guys, I will remain anonymous for this post, its probably the first and last post I'll make, and a little long too; but if you care anything about racing and a kid with a dream, please take the time to read this. I'll cut to the chase here. I want some advice and honest straight up opinions. I'm in kinda feelin' stuck between a rock and a hard place right now if you know what I mean. So, I'm 18 (almost, 3 months away) about to graduate high school. my college plans are to go to my local tech school and get my mechanical engineering degree and I will also have my business administration degree also as I am in dual enrollment classes this year.(free college). Ever since I heard my first race car when I was about 12, I've been hooked. I think about racing every day. I'm pretty close to Charlotte MS and its one of my favorite places to go. I love going to Hickory too. I love talkin' racing, all that stuff. If ever there was a kid who loved racing, that's me, you get the picture right? You may start laughing when you read this next part and think I'm crazy and stupid and naive and all that stuff, that's okay. anyways, since about summer of 2013  about a year and half, the Lord laid on my heart that I will be a race car driver one day. that is my absolute biggest dream, to be a race card driver. Not just a weekend warrior, a real-deal NASCAR driver. Yeah, crazy right? A kid who has no background in racing, definitely no means to race, no family in racing except a buddy who used to race, but thinks he's gonna be a top-notch driver*racer one day. Yep. pretty much it. You know, modern-day NASCAR you have to be racing since you were in diapers, have a rich daddy, and know somebody. Period. If you went up to Rick Hendrick an told him you were gonna drive for him one day , and he asked you how long you raced, and you told him, since I was 18. He'd probably think you're crazy, and he'd be right. Its the most ridiculous thing you or I have ever heard. but you know when you get a feeling so strong within you that doesn't go away. you can't shake it. It keeps coming back. And little hints of it is all you see. you're filled with jealousy at all these lucky kids who get to live their dream.(which isn't good). I've dealt with alot seemingly bad things in 2014 especially. from my parents divorce to dealing with my own demons. basically, I've told myself to just give up on this dream, and I;ve gotten back up every time but seemingly a little piece of my passion is lost each time. And I feel like I'm so close to that chance, that breakthrough its almost painful. Oh, and you're gonna think this is even crazier, but I also believe I will win the lottery as a means to race. We all have our own opinions about the lottery, and believe me I strongly believe all I will need is one ticket. David only used one stone to kill Goliath. sure he three, but God told him to use just one. I know, to me and you this dream seems stupid and silly, and believe me I've thought about giving up many times. but I am now convinced this is the path God has laid out for me, He just hasn't revealed it to me. I've been through hell before, like we all have, and I've seen Him literally work miracles in my life enough times to know who's in control. that is a peace you can not understand until the only thing you can do is run to God. I hope who ever is reading this can sense my passion for racing that is in this rally long post. But I felt like this would be a good way to get some advice from the source. I have many questions, and right now I'm kind of in a "I dont know" mindsets. Alot of confusion in my life right now. because on one side you know how blessed you are, and then your stressed out at the most important and pivotal year of your life, and your thinking, "I'm running out of time". I know God can move mountains, and if He created all this out of nothing, I'm sure blessing me with the chance to live the dream He has placed on my heart is no problem to Him. But as a human being, who worries alot, I guess I have a hard time learning to trust Him and let go of what I can't control. What I want from the racing community is whatever advice or honest opinions (AND PRAYERS) you can give me. I you would like to know more, send me a PM and ill send you my real email. I wanted to remain anonymous fo obvious reasons. Thank-you again for taking the time to read this and maybe you'll get an idea of maybe how to help me. Laugh  

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Posted: 05/28/15
12:18 AM

You really don't need a help from outside. The power is within you just feel it and show if off.